Monday, May 26, 2008

Nice long weekend

If I haven't told you before, there is a girl that comes to visit from time to time. Her name is SoCo. We get along great. She just shows up and it's like nothing has changed. Last Thursday evening was one of those nights. Sluggirl and I were hanging after a nice after work walk, and then she just bounded into the house. We went for lots of nice long walks. And let me tell you, I've been so itchy with this warmer, humid, blooming weather, I was licking my front two paws a lot so a couple of those walks were not comfortable and I didn't go to far, either. That and my hips have been bugging me. I've just started taking some Dasuquin Chews with MSM, so hopefully that helps me. I know that icychill and slugg are very concerned about me though because I really am having a hard time getting up from my hind legs, and I thought better of jumping up on the front screen door to look out it.
Other health updates are that my skin is doing really good, considering it's spring. I'm healing up pretty well from my last surgery about a week ago to remove that mast cell tumor and in another week I'll get those 15 staples out.
So, if you didn't read my Twitter, I got a new collar today from the folks of SoCo, the girl that was here this weekend. It's a cool skull & crossbones. I really like it and have been wearing it all night. I'll get a picture up soon, but for now it's time for bed.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Quickie Update

I have been doing pretty good lately. My skin is soft and healing and I am growing hair back. I no longer scratch myself silly. So happy, and so are my owners! More pictures and details soon.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lucky Update

Well, it has been awhile but I hope you are following my Twitter posts. The last month has been a bit of an adventure but as of today, I'm looking pretty good and I seem to feel much better. My skin is clearing up and I am much less itchy and scratchy.

I am finished with the chloramphenicol (last week) and the ketaconizol (yesterday 1/28) and I feel like a new dog. I am resting much better and letting my owner folks sleep more through the night.

Tha adventure part? Well, I ate two washclothes just before Xmas. I puked one back up on New Years Day morning (Happy New Year!) and the other a few days later. It interfered with the meds I was on and I got a little run down and sick. I skipped a day to get settled down then finished up my meds.

The other part of the adventure was me having accidents in the house. I couldn't help it. Hopefully that is behind me. I think I was stressed with the meds making me have to go all the time.

One bummer is that my hips are bothering me a bit. I had some trouble on the stairs - even wiping out and scaring the bajeesus out of Jim and Beth at one point. But Beth installed some really nice stair runners that make my traction much better. We even went for a couple of longer walks when it wasn't so cold out. I also have mini stairs that go up to the bed, so I can sack out with them at night. Plus Beth bought a night light so I can see them if I have to get up late at night! Cool, huh?

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll post some pics so you can see my progress.


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Sunday, November 25, 2007


So this is me. I have been doing pretty well considering all the medications I take. I have been tolerating the Cyclosporine really well - no vomiting or diarrhea which is nice.

I have been more mischievous lately. I got into the vinyl again a week ago. The "S" section is usually where I go to, specifically Spectrum and Spiritualized. That post-Spacemen 3 stuff gets me every time. I even grabbed a couple of those albums to get a taste of those as well. The Spectrum 10" is toast, which is my follow-up to destroying his debut album last spring.

Alas, now the couch is pushed in front of the shelving so I must think of another way to get to it. Here I am on the couch... plotting... scheming...

I'm Back

Yes, it's me again, the Lucky dog. Sorry it has been awhile since I wrote. I should give you an update on how everything is progressing.

I have been on the Cyclosporine since early October and Chloramphenicol since October 18th. I have been clearing up a bit, but my neck and elbows are still irritated. It seems like dead skin is drying up and flaking off though. I have been getting baths every few days too, which usually means... cheese!

More soon!

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

lazy sunday morning

It's a lazy Sunday morning. We were all up pretty early though thanks to my urging to go for a walk. Yeah, I barked and made everyone get up, but hey, why waste the day? I've got important napping to do on that couch after my breakfast. Right, breakfast...well, I am on that cyclosporin and I think I am clearing up a bit, seriously. And the air in on in the house. I'm less red. Did I tell you I got a bath last night? Yup. So, there is really not much news today. I'll get a shot of me up here later today. Like I said I've got some napping to do...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

and the day goes on

It was a hot one today. Here's a peek at the heat and humidity today:

9 PM (1) Oct 06 77.0 (25.0) 68.0 (20.0)
8 PM (0) Oct 06 77.0 (25.0) 68.0 (20.0)
7 PM (23) Oct 06 79.0 (26.1) 69.1 (20.6)
6 PM (22) Oct 06 82.0 (27.8) 70.0 (21.1)
5 PM (21) Oct 06 84.9 (29.4) 68.0 (20.0)
4 PM (20) Oct 06 87.1 (30.6) 66.0 (18.9)
3 PM (19) Oct 06 84.9 (29.4) 68.0 (20.0)
2 PM (18) Oct 06 86.0 (30.0) 68.0 (20.0)
1 PM (17) Oct 06 84.0 (28.9) 68.0 (20.0)

And since the people were tiling the bathroom, they didn't turn the air on until after 5pm. I was a little uncomfortable, licking and scratching. I do think that I didn't get super red like I do just more of a red, red. So, I got my walks at lunch and 5pm and after dinner. By the way, dinner was the same as this morning, only I had my ketoconazole 200mg pill too. I got my ears cleaned before the after dinner walk. I'll get the ear drops after my bath. Oh yeah, I'm in for a bath. By the time you read this it will be done, so I'll let cha know how this goes now. I'll get washed with Sebalyte tonight, followed with a new pretty smelly thing the Madison doctor sent with the people. I really like how my shampoo gets diluted before I get scrubbed up. I think I just want to lay in front of one of the air vents tonight. That cool air feels good.